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Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

1. Personal injury lawyers throughout the US tell us the types of cases they specialize in.

2. Claimants (like you) submit their case details. The closest attorney, who accepts your claim type, is immediately notified.

3. Your lawyer reaches out immediately to discuss your case or schedule a free consultation.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision if you have large medical bills, lost wages, or were injured due to negligence. connects you to a lawyer that makes sure you get paid everything you are entitled to. Your lawyer files your claim for you and then negotiates the amount of your settlement.

If the insurance company is believed to be acting in bad faith, your lawyer can request a trial and sue for a higher settlement.

How will my lawyer save me time?

Your lawyer will:

1) Request medical records for you.
2) Review police reports and medical charts.
3) Communicate back and forth with your insurance adjuster. lawyers do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Will a personal injury lawyer get me more money?

People who hire attorneys statistically receive more money in their injury settlement. Even after paying the lawyer's contingency fee, people still walk away with more money than they probably would have received without an attorney.

Why is there no cost of hiring a lawyer?

You do not have to pay your attorney unless you win. When you win,  your lawyer is paid a percentage of your final settlement.

This means the better you do, the better your lawyer does. It’s a win-win. 

Will a personal injury lawyer help me with all of my legal problems?

Bankruptcy, divorce, criminal charges, etc, can all affect your injury case. Your personal injury lawyer is familiar with different areas of law and can work with other attorneys if needed. Your lawyer will work with your other lawyer (from other practice areas) to reach a solution in your best interest. A personal injury lawyer can also handle the insurance company's lawyers if your case goes past negotiations.

How do I know what type of case I have?

Personal injury lawyers have years learning the ins-and-outs of the law, so you don’t need to. Lawyers will let you know all of your rights and the best strategies to pursue your claim.

If there are multiple claims, your lawyer can file more than one on your behalf, or get additional help from other attorneys.

1. Always stop if you are involved in an accident, this is your legal obligation.
2. Never admit responsibility for the accident.
3. Check to see if anyone needs urgent medical care.
4. Contact the police (you need a police report to file an insurance claim).
5. Limit your conversation about the accident with the other party.
6. Get the facts of your car accident (names, address, license plate,  phone number, etc).
7. Speak to an attorney before your insurance company, especially if you have injuries.

What happens if my injury claim does not settle?

Sometimes when an adjuster does not offer a fair settlement, alternative methods of dispute resolution are necessary. Your lawyer is prepared to handle your arbitration, mediation, or trial when necessary.

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Don't see your injury type?You may still have a claim.

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Personal injury lawyers throughout the US tell us the types of cases they specialize in.
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Claimants (like you) submit their case details. The closest attorney, who accepts your claim type, is immediately notified.
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Your lawyer reaches out immediately to discuss your case or schedule a free consultation.
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Legal Areas

Most Common Legal Categories

How you write your advertising copy will be based on where you will place your ad. If it’s a billboard ad, you’ll need a super catchy headline.

01. Auto Accidents

• Car
• Motorcycle
• Commercial
• Hit and run

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I Injured Person
02. Personal Injury

• Slip and Fall 
• Wrongful Death
• Slip and Fall
• Slip and Fall

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03. Workplace Injuries

• Injured at Work
• Disability Insurance
• ERISA Disability
• Denied Compensation

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Caution Sign
04. Slip & Fall

• Broken Bones
• Sprained Ankles / Wrists
• Spine or Nerve Damage
• Cuts and Bruises

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05. Medical Malpractice

• Misdiagnosis
• Negligence
• Childbirth
• Nursing home

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Judge's Gavel
06. Wrongful Death

• Catastrophic Injury
• Medical Malpractice
• Negligence
• Homicide

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