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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your leads exclusive?

All of our leads are exclusive. We never share or resell the lead to multiple firms or several buyers. Unlike other lead generation firms, all of our leads are sold only once. We check all new leads against all former leads generated the moment they come in. Any lead with a matching email/phone number is marked as ‘duplicate’ and is ineligible for sale or distribution. We offer exclusive territories to firms.

You are the only one receiving that practice area and geographic territory specific lead. We never want to put ourselves in a position where we have to decide which of our eligible attorneys should receive a lead. Thus, our partner firms can think of as their own site for their area of practice and location. Most of the other lead providers send the same lead to two or three of your competitors at the same time, often times making more than what we are charging you for an exclusive lead. You no longer have to worry about being the first person to contact that lead because you were busy at a deposition or in court.

We run your leads through layers of quality assurance.. While other lead providers might send you lower-priced leads, generates leads with the highest potential of converting to cases. Our quality check first begins with our keyword choices and ad copy. We use languages that disincentives individuals who do not have a claim from navigating to This results in slightly lower amounts of traffic, but much higher quality. We also use our credit return system to monitor for patterns of low quality to tackle those issues immediately, resulting in ongoing improvements to quality. also uses 3rd party verification services to ensure our leads’ area codes are viable combinations in the US phone system. In addition, we replace all VERIFIABLE wrong numbers, wrong legal categories, wrong locations, etc.

Can you provide a sample lead?

Attention Team,
We have received a new lead request from " Demo Lead ". The details are mentioned below

Personal Details
Name -  Demo LeadPhone - 555-555-5555Email:

Case Type: Auto Accident
Requested Services at 10022, 10022

Case Description
Q1. When was the accident?
A: Less than 1 Year
Q2. Were you hospitalized or did you receive medical treatment for your injury?
A: Yes
Q3. Were you at fault for the accident?
A: No
Q4. Do you already have a lawyer representing you?
A: No
Q5. What is the primary type of injury?
A: Broken Bones
Q6. Additional Information
A: Demo
Q7. Enter the 5 digit ZIP code where you need the attorney
A: 10022
Q8. Please read and accept our [Terms of Service]( *
A: I accept

How are our legal leads generated?

All of our leads come through Our leads are generated through high intent digital marketing campaigns such as organic search, paid search or PPC, display advertising, banner ads, and content advertising (SEO). This means we can ensure quality from start to finish. We use artificial intelligence and search engine marketing specialists to drive traffic to cheaper than your law firm is able to. All prospects that come to us are requesting information and all are extremely targeted to those in need of legal assistance for current issues. We do not participate in incentivized or co-registration lead generation practices. All of our leads are directly consumer submitted and are compliant with the TCPA and ABA requirements whereby the consumer opts in and requests to be contacted by an attorney.

Can we limit new leads to a certain radius around our office?

Absolutely, but these leads will be more expensive. You would be looking at a CPL 50% to 100% more expensive based on the case-type and locations.

What criteria does accept for returning leads?

We take the confidentiality of users’ submissions very seriously and also try to minimize the time between the user’s submission and your receipt of the lead. Thus, we try to distribute the leads at an arm’s length and quickly. If you believe that we did not do our job to validate the users’ information or sent you a lead outside of your area of practice (workers comp for example), than the onus is on you to show us why. Anything that constitutes as ‘valuing’ a case is not a permissible reason for return. We are not lawyers.

Ultimately, we only succeed if you succeed and we are more interested in our long-term relationship than one leads’ validity. If the lead is returned, the amount will be added to your wallet and will go to your future leads.

Can integrate with the CRM platform for our call center? Do you have an API?

Yes, we internally use Intercom and Asana as CRM platforms — it would be impossible to manage our intake and distribution without these capabilities. This is something we are developing for our platform, but really only makes sense for our largest clients spending $10K+ a month.

What is the length of our agreement with When can we get out if we don’t like it?

You may opt out at any time after 3 months. You will not prepay for anymore leads and we will deliver the final leads you have previously purchased.Our campaigns go through an optimization process.

It takes about 2-3 months for your ads’ quality score, click through rate, and conversion rate to be fully optimized. We try our best to re-use our previous knowledge from other clients and campaigns. Yet, every client, location, and case type are different. For your firm to realize your campaign’s full potential it typically takes at least 1 month. Thus, we have a 3-month minimum.

How do I purchase leads?

Our lead generation service is a pay-per-lead program, meaning you only pay for the actual leads you receive. We require a 3 month commitment and then our service is month-to-month. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

After we agree on an appropriate budget for your lead campaign, we will send you an invitation to our platform. We will begin your lead campaign that same business day. Unless we hear otherwise from you, we will setup your credit card on AutoPay and charge you for the same number of leads at the same price that you originally paid each month. For larger law firms or nationally established networks that buy a large volume of leads, we recommend sending funds via bank wire transfers or ACH payments. By keeping your account funded well in advance, you assure your lead volume grows without interruption.

The moment a visitor of submits their case description and contact details, these details are instantaneously sent to your law firm. You can choose up to 10 people at your firm who you want to receive these lead notifications. Each of these individuals will immediately receive these details by email, phone, or both email and phone. Your dedicated account manager will set this up for you and make any changes you need in your notification center. You have full control over how your law firm receives its leads.

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